C For Men

Paris (far left) wears: BALENCIAGA LEATHER Layered jacket, $5,400, and turtleneck, $1,790. Dylan wears: BALENCIAGA fringe layered JACKEt, $5,800, AND TURTLENECK, $1,050. jewelry, his own (seen throughout).
Paris (left) weaRS: paul smith suit, $1,800. versace sweater, $695. jacques marie mage sunglasses, $695. dylan wearS: versace coat, $1,895, shirt, $495, and pants, $695. JIMMY CHOO boots, $1,095.
Saint Laurent blazer, $3,690, AND shirt, $990. danger hat, $40.
Paris wears: prada jacket, $2,480, knit, $1,560, pants, $1,170, and hat, $340. adidas slides, $45.
Paris (left) wears: 3 moncler Grenoble JACKET, $1,745. 8 moncler palm angels sweater, $645, track pants, $645, and sandals, $500. Dylan wears: boss jacket, $1,195, and sweater, $228. Adidas track pants, $65, and slides, $45. jacques marie mage Sunglasses, $775.

Like Father, Like Sons

by slh

C meets models Paris and Dylan Brosnan as they enter the spotlight

It’s entirely possible that celebrity progeny out-number palm trees in Los Angeles. But with their authentically good natures and (really) good looks, the Brosnan brothers—sons of actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith—are getting noticed.

In 2014, fashion designer Hedi Slimane tapped Dylan, now a willowy 21-year-old with chiseled features, for a Saint Laurent campaign. Shoots with the likes of Burberry and Vogue followed. Soon, Paris, a 17-year-old who is undoubtedly his high school’s resident dreamboat, wanted in. “He’s more into fashion,” Dylan says of his younger brother, who recently walked for Dolce & Gabbana. “He’s like, ‘Prada! Gucci!’…Um, I can’t even name a third one.”

For C’s fall menswear shoot, set on the streets of Downtown L.A., the looks included layered Balenciaga jackets and Ferragamo sweaters: each sumptuous, cozy and completely at odds with the 84-degree August weather. Paris and Dylan spent the day joking with the photographer, snapping selfies and goofing off between takes. “Bros, your energy is pure!” shouted an admiring passerby at one point.

The brothers, who grew up in Malibu, Hawaii and England before settling in L.A., are close, with opposing dispositions. Dylan is reserved and soulful, while Paris is outgoing and chatty—a difference underscored by their modeling styles. “I’m trying to work it and do all these poses,” says Paris. “My brother is more cool and collected.”

Yet while both are enjoying their time in front of the camera, they ultimately envision their futures elsewhere. Dylan is majoring in cinema and media studies at the University of Southern California and he fronts an indie rock band called Raspberry Blonde. “Hopefully by the time I’m done with college I’ll have a record out,” he says. Paris, currently a senior in high school, is thinking he might want to be a cinematographer. Only one career path, it seems, is off-limits. “My dad is super supportive,” says Paris, “but he always tells us, ‘Don’t be an actor!’ ”

Photography by BEAU GREALY.
Creative and fashion direction by ALISON EDMOND.
Special thanks to The Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles.