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Denny White and Steven Mudd. PHOTO: Easton Schirra,
Golden Coast’s new single, out in October. PHOTO: Courtesy of Golden Coast,.

Editors' Notes

PHOTO: Adam Bartlett.
Mudd (left) plays synth bass and guitar; White plays keys and sings. PHOTO: Adam Bartlett.

Beach Boys

by slh

From the beginning, Golden Coast’s Steven Mudd and Denny White wrote songs warmed by the sun and chilled by the ocean breeze.

The electronic-pop duo met in college in Orange County, but quickly moved up the 405. You can hear it in their first song released just over a year ago: danceable and bright as sipping a Sex on the Beach on some faraway isle.

“We had a studio a block from Venice Beach. Lunch and coffee breaks meant walking up and down the coast,” says Mudd. “We moved here to chase music and the California dream.”

While in school, the Colorado natives bonded over Ben Folds, Jamie Cullum and Death Cab For Cutie. Dropping original songs and remixes on their Soundcloud page, the multi-instrumentalists had found a platform (and an audience) to show off their fancy-footwork drums and irrepressible melodies.

“We’re trying to write sunny, fun synth-dance music, but we also gravitate toward lyrics and concepts that remind people never to give up,” Mudd says. In addition to a growing fan base, their inspiring beats have garnered placements in commercials, on The CW and live performances at sold-out venues like Hollywood’s Sayers Club. Having recently completed a monthlong tour across their beloved namesake, the pair are busy finishing their debut album and meeting with interested record labels. Says Mudd, “we are hoping to find the right fit to throw some gas on the fire in 2016.” wearegoldencoast.com.

Written by Danielle DiMeglio and Jeff Weiss.